Monday, September 15, 2008

Still No Time to Stitch.....

...but we did go to the 1st drag race in Charlotte!! It's a super nice facility, and I can't wait to go back next year. I had fun, but here's a breakdown on how Saturday went.....

We get to the track no problem. Get parked, go inside the gate, go find our seats. Still no problem. I start taking pictures, tons of them, and my batteries run out. I left while some of the Top Fuel cars still qualifying, therefore missing that, but should be back in my seat for Funny Car qualifying. Get back to my seat, and I have TWO batteries not FOUR. OMG this will not work. Not to mention, when I got back Funny Car had started and I MISSED JOHN FORCE!!!! I go back to my seat, really ticked off now, and tried to use the old batteries for just one or two more pics. I couldn't stand to miss Ashley Force! Got a couple more pictures (juicing the last of the old batteries) and saw Ashley's first run. Afterwards, DH and I go for lunch (my head is about to explode from a headache) and to walk around a little. We went to get some autographs and some tshirts. DH goes to the restroom, and comes back out and says "Where are your tickets??" I look down, and both my tickets are gone.....fell right out of my plastic holder on my laynard! OMG, no ticket for tomorrow, it's GONE! In a panic I go back looking for it, but with a SOLD OUT event, I know someone has picked it up and realized they have a GREAT seat and kept it. Yup, no luck finding my ticket. So, we returned to our seats, I'm steaming, partly from teh 93 degree heat and the other from being so stupid, and for losing that much money essentially. So after qualilfying, we went to Ruby Tuesday's for dinner and to the hotel to spend the night, the room already paid for, so we certainly weren't going home!!

Anywho, no time to stitch now in about two weeks!! I am hoping I can get some time in the next couple nights. Gotta run and get something to eat! Happy Stitching all!!

Connie B


Christina said...

Glad you had a good time at the races. Sorry you lost your tickets. What a shame. Good luck on getting some stitching in.

Erynne said...

Ack! Sorry to hear about the ticket mishap! Sounds like something that happened to me one time,lol.
I hope you are keeping well and that you can get some time to stitch soon! I know the feeling of wanting to stitch but not being able to because of those so-called obligations in life.
Come back soon eh!


Barbara said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time at the races - except for the camera batteries dying and losing your tickets for day 2. What a bummer!!! My son is an avid dragstrip fan and goes to many of the races here in TX. Hope you get to stitch soon. ;D
Barb in TX