Sunday, January 23, 2011

Hi All,

I've done a LITTLE more stitching on my lady's shoe, but am still not finished. I started a new job two weeks ago, and I'm still trying to adjust, as well as still trying to kick my cold that I've had since Christmas!! Anywho...I will finish this piece this week, and will post a pic for you. Not sure what the next project will be. I have a Precious Moments WIP that I need to finish, so it may be that one. Chat more with you all later! Have a blessed week!

=^..^=Connie B

Friday, January 7, 2011

Sooo...I couldn't wait!!

This is the WIP I was telling you about!! It's turning out to be so cute I couldn't wait to share with you!

I will work on backstitching tomorrow, and then the wording!'s gonna be a weekend finish!

1st finish of 2011!!

I am very excited to be done with this piece!!! It was a pattern by Happenchance Designs and in some places on the chart I had to "guess" whether to do a quarter stitch, half stitch, or no stitch...which is very frustrating to me! I "fudged it" in many places but it still came out really well! I plan on finishing this one as a no-sew cube as soon as I can find just the right fabric for the backing. I already found some blue ribbon with We Are #1 on it!!!

I immediately started working on another smaller piece. It's of a woman's shoe, with a cute little "saying" on it. It will be a quick stitch, so I'll just wait and post the finish of it. Gotta run for now, but I hope everyone has a very nice stitchy weekend!!!
=^..^=Connie B

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year!!!

Hello All,

Hope you all had a nice New Years!! It's been a busy couple of weeks lately, but I've managed to get quite a bit of stitching done!! These two pieces were my last, and ONLY finishes of 2010!

Good Things- Lizzie Kate stitched on 14 ct oatmeal fiddler's cloth

Winnie The Pooh stitched on Sassy's Fabbys 16ct blubell aida for my first WIP of 2011....

Whoooooooo GO DUKE!!

Gotta run and get my stitching stuff ready, so I can stitch this piece and watch my boys play!

=^..^=Connie B