Sunday, March 1, 2009

Rainy Day Sunday....bleh...

It's a VERY cold and rainy day, here in NC. I am sitting on the couch watching pre-race coverage on Fox. I love NASCAR, and CARL EDWARDS rocks!! Anywhoo, I think I may actally start sharing my cooking journey with you all too. I am cooking A LOT more now that I am eating more healthy, and for me, it's always fun to try new recipes!! Today I just had leftovers, so nothing exciting, but I am thinking about a casserole or chili sometime this week. I'm waiting on my Rachael Ray Bubble and Brown casserole dishes to come in and I'll be all set. Well, back to Nascar coverage. Have a great day all!

Connie B

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LoriRay said...

It's not rainy here (though I wish it was!) but will go back to watching the race shortly. Of course I'll be stitching, too. *hee hee*

Have a great Sunday!