Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Happy Wednesday!

Hi All!

It's Wednesday night about 11:15, and I am staying up late so that I can sleep tomorrow. Two night shifts ahead of me, but then off for the weekend, whoo hoo!

I attached the TINY yellow buttons to my LK piece. It really does make all the difference! I also noticed a boo boo in the pattern, but not until it was complete, so I'm not going to change it now.

I really wanted to stitch tonight, but I don't have good lighting in the living room, so would have to grab my "daylight" lamp from the craft room and I'm not sure it's worth it right now, lol.

Well, hope all of you are well. I better more later!

Connie B


Bronny said...

That is so cute - and the buttons make it 'zing'!
Love the fabric...

Kim said...

Very cute finish and the buttons really add to the finish. As for the mistake, I looked and couldnt find anything so I would say leave it and spend your time working on something else instead of fixing it :)