Friday, January 7, 2011

1st finish of 2011!!

I am very excited to be done with this piece!!! It was a pattern by Happenchance Designs and in some places on the chart I had to "guess" whether to do a quarter stitch, half stitch, or no stitch...which is very frustrating to me! I "fudged it" in many places but it still came out really well! I plan on finishing this one as a no-sew cube as soon as I can find just the right fabric for the backing. I already found some blue ribbon with We Are #1 on it!!!

I immediately started working on another smaller piece. It's of a woman's shoe, with a cute little "saying" on it. It will be a quick stitch, so I'll just wait and post the finish of it. Gotta run for now, but I hope everyone has a very nice stitchy weekend!!!
=^..^=Connie B


Faye said...

What can I say...Having grown up in Durham, marrying a UNC man but me being a NCSU grad..... Go Devils/Heels/Pack!!haahahaha..Congrats, Faye

amber said...

i want the pattern lol