Thursday, December 18, 2008


The Dachshund is finished!!! I am making him into a no sew cube and will be gifting it on Sunday afternoon! I will post a picture when I get my new computer.

On that note, the insurance paperwork was sent off yesterday, thanks DH. So....I guess now we wait. I am hoping that we can get a price for cashing out and taking deprecation before moving forward. I just don't want to end up with a "whatever" brand computer and not be happy. I would rather lose some money and get what I want, ya know?!?!?

I started a new piece...yeah, I know, that start-itis again, lol! This one is really simple and a quick stitch. It's a LOVE stamp, like a postage stamp. It's pretty neat. I may try my hand at a flat fold for finishing this one, but we'll see.

All for now...take care, and see ya back here soon!

Connie B

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kimstitch3 said...

Hey Connie I have the Psalms 145 on your wish list. After I stitch it you may have it. I havent started on it But if you havent gotten it by the time I am ready to give it away, it is yours ok? Take care,Kimberly