Saturday, January 17, 2009

How much longer??

Hello Everybody! It's early Saturday morning, and I'm still here at work. The clock has stopped, I'm convinced, but I don't have too much longer before I can go home and snuggle into a warm bed! Unfortunately, I will be right back here tonight, YUCK!

I did manage to get a few stitches in while it was slow. It's easiest to work on the border while at work because I don't have to keep stopping and counting all the time. I will post a progress pic in a couple days.

Well, STAY WARM and safe!

Connie B


Kim said...

I think days at work always go by slower than the days I have off :) Glad to read you got a new laptop and your finishes in your last post are lovely.

Kim said...

I have often wondered how time goes by so slow when I am at work but seems to fly when I have a day off :)

The finishes in your last post are lovely...Hope you enjoy your new laptop.