Monday, July 14, 2008

Happy Monday!!

Whew, 3rd night shift is a killer! I will be SO happy to see 7am!

I have been able to work on Happy As A Pig some the last couple nights. I will be working on it some more tonight, so will be posting a pic maybe tomorrow.

I have found a new passion. Gingher Designer Series Scissors, the 4" ones. Wow, they really are nice. I will be on the hunt for the ones I don't have on Ebay!! I was guided by Debbie to visit so that I can get a look at the ones already released to the public. Thanks Debbie!! I also saw some scissor blocks (like ones for knives) for displaying the scissors. Too cute!

Well, gotta run. Going to get a snack, then off to stitching world!


Christina said...

Good luck on your scissor hunt. I have seen the scissor blocks and they are quite cute.

Kim said...

I have a few pair of Gingher scissors and love using them. The Glory ones are my favorite. Good luck with your new collection :)