Saturday, July 26, 2008

July 26, 2008

Hi All,

A little more progress was made on the LHN piece today. I was hoping to work on another WIP tonight, specifically the Dachshund piece, BUT going into work at 3am this morning, is telling on me! I have been nodding for about 2 hours now! Guess it will truly be an early night! So much for watching the Nationwide Race!! Thank goodness for DVR's!!!

On another note...I purchased the O Canada chart today. I don't even live in Canada, but have always loved this piece! A very nice lady from the 123 MB sent me her color conversions also! I also recieved something from my wish list on 123. My GRITS pattern arrived yesterday! Thanks Patti!!

Ya'll Come Back Now, Ya Hear?!?!


Anonymous said...

You go girl

Ricky said...
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Petra said...

that's a nice pattern I can see the appeal of wanting to stitch it though not being canadian...=))

Christina said...

That is a nice chart. I can see why you like it. The grits is cute too. DH grew up in Georgia, so he loves grits too.

Erynne said...

You got O Canada??!! Way cool but then I'm biased ;)
I love that pattern so I will be watching your progress when you get started.