Monday, July 21, 2008

Soldier Family Kissing Pillows

Hi All,

I am helping out with a project for the Evergreen chapter of EGA in Seattle Washington. They are making Soldier Family Kissing Pillows. A deploying soldier gives the pillow kisses and then leaves it with their children to keep until the parent comes home. I will complete a few more squares like this one and send them off to be finished into pillows!


kimstitch3 said...

wow, i just learned of that project lastnight and you already have one done. It came out great Connie. How many are you going to do? I may do 3 or 4. I have a brother in law that was shot in Afghanistan back on May 28th and I now see the importance of pillows and such for loved ones when their family goes off to war. take care,Kimberly

Connie B said...

Thanks Kim, I am planning on doing one or two more. I have a sororoity sister who may do one or two also!

Christina said...

What a wonderful project. I have never heard of it. Great job on your stitching.

Connie B said...


I read about it on the 123 MB. Here is the lady's email if you are interested in helping out!!

needlenana at msn dot com

Carol R said...

I have not heard of this before but what a lovely idea. My grand-daughter's bf is off to Afghanistan soon.