Thursday, August 21, 2008

Introducing Snowball.....

Hey Ya'll,

My Aunt has 4 beautiful furbabies. I would like to show them off for her!! This is Snowball. She is the only female kitty in the house. She has a little thyroid problem and is on meds, poor thing, but she is looking great and feeling much better! I will introduce you to the other 3 later in the week. Each of them will get their OWN post!!

Connie B


Angela said...

I just love cats too, Snowball is adorable! I love your Precious Moments and San Man WIP, both will look great when finished.

Raggedy Ann said...

Hi Connie!!!

Just wanted to send a hello from Mooresville NC.

have a great day, love your cat, and love your stitching :)

Louise in NC

Lelia said...

All these furbaby pictures are awesome!! What beautiful cats : )