Saturday, August 2, 2008

Top of the Mornin'

Hi All,

Tonight I've been working on my LHN piece. I was almost finished and realized that I had a section I miscounted somehow. Guess who paid me a visit?!?!?! Darn FROG!!! I will finish the LHN piece tomorrow or Sunday and post a pic. I also got a chance to work on the Dachshund piece. It's coming along pretty well. I will post a progress pic of that one as well.

Well, I'm off this weekend, whoo hoo! Tomorrow I will be sleeping part of the day (coming off night shifts) and then hoping to hang out with my childhood friend that I was recently reconnected with! Then back home to do the dreaded laundry, LOL. Sunday is church with Granny, then off to do some scrapbooking with my sorority sisters!

DH gave me a GC for
for my bday!!! I'm off to shop for stitchy stuff!!! I will post a pic when it all arrives!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!

Connie B


Petra said...

Have a great weekend! Hope it doesn't go too quick. Have fun shopping.

Kim said...

Now I know where that frog went when he packed up and moved on the other day..looking forward to seeing your finish.

Happy Belated Birthday and I hope you enjoy your new goodies :)

Christina said...

I think that nasty frog has been making the rounds. He was here the other day and I had to frog most of the stitches I had put in that night.

Enjoy your weekend, even if you do have the dreaded house work to do.

Looking forward to seeing your birthday stash. Happy Belated Birthday.

kimstitch3 said...

HOpe you have a great birthday. I cant wait till my stash comes either. I have the new LHN "Reading" chart/thread kit and some zwiegart 28 ct evenweave and about 8 cresent colors threads coming to me today or Take care,Kimberly

Angela said...

If I leave a comment does that mean the frog will visit me too?! Have fun shopping, that's my favorite online stash store too.

Erynne said...

Happy Birthday Connie! Wow, now that's an awesome birthday present...can't wait to see whatcha got!

Oh geez, I read the word frog and I feel like it's contagious or something, lol.

Erynne :o)

Lelia said...

Oh, enjoy your GC!! Tell all when your stash is in hand : )

~Julie~ said...

Hi there, Connie! A belated "Happy Birthday" to you! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm so glad you did, because now I've bookmarked your blog; you have a great one going here! =)

Have a great time with your childhood friend! I hope many memories are 'resurfaced' and that you both make many more for years to come!


PS----I'm sorry the frog came to visit ya! : sigh :