Thursday, August 21, 2008

A Little Progress...

Hi Ya'll,
I decided to stitch Magic Hat on opals fabby. Royalty Flair from Enchanted Fabrics. It will look great once it's complete, but I'm a little nuts stitching the snowman (under the hat is the beginning of a snowman) because he blends into the fabric badly. He will be outlined in black so he'll jump right off the fabric soon enough I guess, LOL. The hat is done except for the red berries. I haven't decided if I will do the french knots or use beads.
I am hoping to get some stitchy time this weekend, but am working day shifts, AND working some overtime, so we'll see.
Well, guess I'll get back to the Olympics. I'm waiting to see diving tonight!!
Connie B


Erynne said...

Nice fabby Connie! Your snowman should pop out well once you get him outlined.
Sorry you have to work this weekend...I used to be in healthcare (which was open 24/7)so I worked weekends for a decade. I just hated that part of the job,lol. Some ways it's good though because of the days off during the week.

Connie B said...

Thanks Erynne! Yes, shift work is a drag sometimes, but I do LOVE my days off during the week when most people are working. You can get so many errands done!!